40 mile tailbacks as M6 toll road issues customer satisfaction forms

customer care forms

Police are advising motorists to avoid the M40, M42 and M5 at all costs with reports that the M6 toll road is at a complete stand still with gridlocked traffic for 40 miles in each direction, following today’s introduction of customer care satisfaction forms.

The M6 toll road is the only autobahn style road in the UK where there is actually no speed limit. A spokesman for  the road’s owners Midland Expressway Limited said people wanted more from a road than a elongated tarmac coated concrete path over wish they can perambulate their motor vehicles. “We want to be top for customer care and for everyone to embrace the brand.” he explained.

“We understand that many people are unhappy with the extra time the customer care forms are adding to their journey but we feel the extra 3-4 hours added to their journey is a small price to pay for them giving us feedback. Anyone really unhappy should drive back down the road the other way and fill in another customer care form. That way we can strive to improve the service that we provide.”

One booth operator said “I might get shouted at but I don’t get my bonus unless 50% of these things get filled in. So I’m not lifting the barrier up until I’ve seen they’ve done it.”

One member of the management team excitedly told us “It’s about offering a gold plated platinum customer service, and making sure people choose our road over say the A413 to great Yarmouth or the the Leeds ring road.”

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