Some exercise more fattening than cheese

exercise cheese

Whilst most exercise has undoubted health benefits some exercise can actually cause you to put on weight, more so than eating cheese according to a new report released today by scientists at the University of Hove.

Publicising the report Professor Brian Cox explained that exercise may be a good thing sometimes but other times you might actually be better off not exercising at all and instead eating cheese.

“We gave some participants some cheese and sent others on exercise regimes such as running, jumping and lifting things. Some were fat to start with and some weren’t. Then we mixed them up and weighed them individually. Shockingly, some weighed more than others.” He explained.

The report has already attracted critics, particularly from gym owners and personal trainers, many denouncing the findings as spurious, lacking objectivity and most likely funded by the dairy industry.

However, Professor Cox claims to have a theory that may explain these startling findings.

“You can run a mile and lose a kilo in weight easily, but if you run back along the same route your body is fooled into thinking that you haven’t done the exercise in the first place and you’re likely to put it straight back on. It’s probably got nothing to do with cheese.”

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