Some exercise more fattening than cheese

Whilst most exercise has undoubted health benefits some exercise can actually cause you to put on weight, more so than eating cheese according to a new report released today by scientists at the University of Hove. Publicising the report Professor Brian Cox explained that exercise may be a good thing sometimes but other times you […]

Tesco to offer free cheese

In a bold move designed to drastically change the fortunes of the ailing supermarket giant, Tesco have announced this morning they are going to stop charging for all mainstream varieties of cheese with immediate effect. Chief Executive Dave Lewis said customers who had turned their backs on Tesco would soon be coming back in droves […]

Bankers’ bonuses to be paid in cheese

Bankers’ bonuses are to be paid in cheese according to Prime Minister David Cameron in a surprise U turn regarding the running of the state owned bank RBS. “Legally we can only make RBS do it, but we would urge other city based banks and financial institutions to do the same if they want to […]