Ed Miliband to intervene as 99p stores to start charging a pound

ed milband poundland

Labour leader Ed Miliband has promised to intervene in plans for 99p stores to start charging a pound.

Speaking to a heaving press conference Mr Miliband said “There’s a cost of living crisis and fat cats putting the price of things up to a quid is just taking the piss. I’ve never been in one of these shops myself but I’m assuming normal people go there every day to buy a dustpan and brush, a pet cat, or some wallpaper. And now they’ll have to do that with a penny less left in their pockets if we let this happen.”

Poundland, who are buying the 99p stores and are responsible for what is seen as a vicious price hike, have already come under fire from the Labour leader after their share price closed at 413p on Friday.

“Their shares should be a pound. When I’m Prime Minister I’m going to make them be a pound. Or better still 99p.” He explained.

A spokesman for Poundland said the Labour leader showed naivety in his lack of understanding of the ins and outs of trying selling all manner of shit for a quid.

The mood was shared by Prime Minister David Cameron who lambasted his labour counterpart saying “It’s a free market economy and poundland can charge exactly what they like.”

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