America to ban imports of dog eggs

dog eggs

America is set to ban the import of the British delicacy of dog eggs amidst apparent concerns about the ingredients according to reports released today via International press agency Reuters.

The move is set to anger ex pats and American anglophiles already reeling from the bans on Chocolate, fois gras, and Newcastle Brown Ale, and who may now fear even ordering a dog egg omelette in a restaurant for fears that its been manufactured from inferior ingredients.

Bert Onions from  New Cross, London who has been exporting prime labrador and organic poodle eggs to the US since the 1940’s said that the he regarded the news with deep suspicion and said he suspected inferior American dog egg manufacturer Hersheys may well have had a hand in it.

“I don’t know what all the fuss is about. You Americans eat white butter when everyone knows that butter’s supposed to be yellow. Yet inexplicably you’re banning the import of white dog eggs vacuum packed since the 1970s. What are we supposed to do with them if we can’t send them to you?” He explained.

The other side of the pond, a very Angry Manager of Ye OIde King Henry 8th Cor Blimey Proper English stores said “I’ve never been to England but I sure love their dog eggs. We’ll all have to sell those revolting Hershey’s dog eggs instead. It’s an outrage. They’re just made of sugar, They’ve probably never been in the same room as a dog and they’re not even egg shaped.”

A spokesman for Hersheys refused to discuss dog egg manufacturing for legal reasons but assured us that the company stood committed to their mission of making chocolate taste like vomit.

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