Rifkind fury as police refuse to pay for questions

Malcolm Rifkind

Sir Malcolm Rifkind has spoken today of his fury that Police questioning him in his alleged involvement in the latest  cash for questions scandal,  have refused to pay for any questions they have asked him or he has asked them.

“Just because they’re police and I may be guilty of a criminal offence, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t cough up. If everyone refused to pay on some sort of moral ground, I’d have to get by on my MPs salary. And that won’t buy very much caviar.” he explained.

“It’s £2000 to tell you where I was, £3000 to tell you what I was doing. And then you have to pay an additional £4000 every time I ask you a question. Basically if there is a question mark involved then I want money.

“Even my wife has to pay a nominal fee for me to tell her whether I would like tea or coffee. No questions without cash.”

Rifkind recently made the news after he allegedly had a stand off at a local Harvester chain restaurant.  He claimed that the charge for the waitress asking him if he had ever been to a Harvester before was the exact value of his meal and drinks, and so should not have had to pay the bill.

He also allegedly left with the entire prize fund of his local pub quiz just two questions into the evening.

Mr Rifkind has also referred himself to Parliament’s standards watchdog and will also be investigated by a party disciplinary committee. “I will of course co-operate. But it’s going to cost you.” He said.

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