Richard Madeley to stand as UKIP MP

richard madeley

Richard Madeley has confirmed this morning that he will be standing as an MP for Dover in May’s General Election replacing David Little in what is seen as a cynical move by UKIP leader Nigel Farage to revive the party’s ailing fortunes.

Famous for being one half of famous television duo Richard and Judy where he plays Richard, and described by many as showbiz royalty, Mr Madeley sparked rumours of a possible candidacy by entertaining delegates at the recent UKIP conference in Margate where he performed his famous impressions of Ali G, President Idi Amin of Uganda and Arnold out of different strokes.

As well as a much needed dose of celebrity pazazz, Madeley is thought to be contributing to a clean sheet for a party mired in controversy. One Party member said “He only has a caution for accidental shop lifting to blacken his name. He’s perfect.”

The candidate until today, David Little  is thought to be incandescent with rage at his sudden replacement, particularly on only hearing about it through social media,

“I sent him a tweet to let him know. I don’t expect he often gets tweets from people as famous as me.” Madeley explained.

Though unlikely to comply with any future regulations regarding second jobs, Mr Madeley has already promised his potential constituents that he will certainly put the hours in to his new position.

“I’m basically going to sit on top of the white cliffs of Dover and keep an eye on them coming over the channel. As you can imagine, being on television for most of my life, I’m not short of a few quid, and I can afford a pretty powerful telescope.” He told us.

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