Did Jeremy Corbyn fart during Festival of Remembrance?

corbyn remembrance farted

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has found himself at the centre of controversy today following rumours that he may or may not have passed wind at some point on Remembrance Sunday.

A suitably enraged Richard Littlejohn in the Daily Mail wrote “Was this the reason that Pixie Lott and Rod Stewart started laughing during the service? Was this the reason that Corbyn stayed outside chatting to people rather than attending a posh indoor after party? We can’t say for certain if he passed wind, but one thing’s for sure. He might have done.”

Indeed an editorial in the Sun added “No-one actually heard him do it. But sometimes these silent ones are even worse. And that makes it all the more disrespectful. He should hang his head in shame and seek to make amends by becoming irrationally right wing and bigoted.  Phwooargh! Look at the norks on that!”

The revelations that Mr Corbyn might have trod on a duck if not on Sunday then quite possibly at a different state event have also sent shock waves through a social media already incensed by accusations  of Corbyn sporting a disrespectful beard, wearing a poppy ironically and bowing too much when he met the Queen.

“You’re only supposed to put your head down 40 degrees or so when you bow, but his head nearly touched the floor. He was obviously taking the piss.” One user tweeted.

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