Was this a UFO spotted over London?


The Government have refused to comment today on reports that a UFO was spotted on a number of occasions by independent witnesses in different parts of London over the week-end.

One witness Mike Diaper who had been taking an evening stroll through Blackheath told us “It was like a yellow light that shot up into the air and split up into several more lights of different colours which then made a whistling sound and seemingly hurtled back down towards earth. Other people saw it but they just seemed to say “ooh ” and “ah” and cheerfully went home when it was all over. It was almost like they had been brainwashed by alien technology.

Such events appear not to have been unique to the Blackheath area. A similar sighting was later reported in the Richmond area the same evening, again by Mike Diaper. “This time there were red lights, blue lights bangs, whizzy sounds. No-one else seemed concerned though. The man next to me just stood there eating a hot dog. He was obviously too scared to run.”

As always in such situations it can be difficult to get to the truth of the matter. However, unusually similar sightings were reported away from London just the following evening in the home counties.

“I was in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshore when to my surprise I was charged £3 to get into a field after which I found myself standing round a huge fire whilst a series of strange noisy lights flew into the sky, some apparently stuck to sticks on the ground spinning round and round.”  Mr Diaper told us.

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