Ham shop owner defends decision to ban Muslims


The owner of a speciality ham shop in Oxfordshire has defended his recent decision to refuse to serve all Muslims until such time as they take responsibility for events instigated in a different country by people they had no connection to.

Dave England, proprietor of “Out of Hams way” in Bicester village, said “I can’t stop them doing what they do, but if they think I’m serving them with four slices of Wiltshire with a smile and some generic banter then they’ve got a another thing coming.

“If they’re going to destroy Britain from the inside then they’re not going to be doing it whilst using my varied pork charcuterie products as sustenance.

“I’m not a racialist. Up until very recently I’ve flogged all my bacon, sausage and gammon based foodstuffs in an atmosphere of inclusivity. I’d even got some special halal ham in for Christmas as well.”

Fellow local business person April Major of Blinks of Bicester who has also banned all those of an Islamic faith from her eye brow shop told us that she would be giving Mr England her full support. “I won’t be going in there myself because I don’t like ham. But I’d be in there all the time otherwise.” She explained.

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