Rastamouse guilty of cultural appropriation

rastamouse cultural appropriation

Rastamouse is facing calls to apologise this morning following accusations of cultural appropriation, particularly from Scottish people furious that he sports Celtic style dreadlocks.

A spokesman for Glasgow students union where the main protest is being held said “Celts have worn dreadlocks since the dawn of time. Who the fuck does this Rastamouse think he is trying to be Scottish?”

A spokesman for the BBC said “We take cases of cultural appropriation very seriously. The only reason we don’t take it even more seriously is the fact that it doesn’t mean anything and it is in fact all bollocks.”

Indeed famous Mel Gibson who played Braveheart in the film of the same name said “I’m Braveheart yet I’m not really and that makes me guilty of cultural appropriation and you for watching it.”

Scotland isn’t the only country to complain about other cultures being guilty of cultural appropriation by trying to be a bit like them. Elsewhere on the planet a random bus load  of mixed race people have been accused of culturally appropriating the Black and White Minstrel show.

“I was just waiting for them to wave their hats in the air and start singing.” One shocked passer by told us.

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