Blair “Why did no-one tell me the Iraq war was a bad idea?”

blair chilcot

The public must shoulder their share of the blame for not warning Tony Blair that the Iraq war might be a bad idea according to the former Prime Minister.

Speaking in response to the publication of the long awaited Chilcot report Mr Blair said “I honestly thought the destabilisation of an entire region for the sake of having some sort of God-off with George Bush was a good idea. And I’m sorry. Sorry on your behalf that if you thought it was a bad idea you didn’t tell me. I’d have stopped it all immediately.

“I saw you all wandering around London en-masse without a care in the world. There must of been 2 million of you enjoying the fresh air. You obviously all thought the invasion was a good idea.

“So if I’m up in the dock, then in a sense everybody should be up in the dock. Everyone except me.

“Even God didn’t say anything. In hindsight I suppose he might have done but I wouldn’t have heard him over all those claps of thunder that kept happening whenever I voiced my intention to help start a war.”

“So it’s nobody’s fault really. But I’ll certainly learn from this if I ever get to start another war.” He promised.

It is not clear whether Mr Blair’s protestations will be enough to get him off the hook or whether he will indeed face criminal charges. A spokesman for the CPS told us “He’ll probably just get a caution as it’s his first offence.”


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