Man on phone can’t give any prices until a salesman comes to your house


A man on the phone has explained that he is simply unable to reveal the prices of any of his company’s  products until a salesman comes to your house.

Arthur Shitley from Worthing received a call suggesting that he might well like to buy something. However to his surprise it transpired that rather than being told how much something cost directly it was better for a man in a suit to come and sit in his house, and tell him gradually over the space of a couple of hours. It was to be a very special visit from someone who just happened to be in his area, though where he was the rest of the time could not be disclosed, to protect the confidentiality of other special customers.

“I asked the man on the phone for just a hint of the price. A little tease. He explained he was not allowed. It’s good to see that his industry is obviously so regulated and he is following his instructions to the letter. Otherwise I just would have known how much it cost straight away and might have just made some snap decision one way or another willy nilly.

“And it was a good thing too. Because when the salesman gave us the price after a mere couple of hours in our house and we thought it a bit steep  he phoned his boss who to our astonishment gave us a special discount. Just for us! All we had to do was make a decision there and then. Obviously  it would have to be the normal price after that. And we didn’t want him, his boss and the nice man on the phone to get into any more trouble than they were already in on our account.”

And Mr Shitley has issued a stark warning for people who encounter companies all too willing to say what they’re selling and how much it costs.

“I don’t even know what I’ve bought. But I was assured that 99% of people do go ahead, And  it came with the gold package at the same price as the silver package. I’ve certainly learnt my lesson and from now on if anyone tells me the price of anything straight away over the phone I’m hanging up.”

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