Did Nigel Farage put his finger up Paul Nuttall’s arse during acceptance speech?


New UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has played down reports that Nigel Farage may have inserted his finger into his rectum during his acceptance speech.

Whilst largely unconfirmed many onlookers believe that whilst congratulating his replacement, Mr Farage may well have also inserted is middle finger into Mr Nuttall’s anus, possibly in a gesture of tomfoolery or perhaps an altruistic act of checking Mr Nuttall’s prostate.

“If he did, he would have seen it as a bit of harmless fun. He’s not one of the pc brigade.” One audience member explained.

Mr Nuttall himself has yet to confirm or deny these reports but dismissed them as trivial in comparison to campaigning for a hard Brexit

“People don’t want to know who put what where during whatever, they want to know what new things we’re going to find to blame on immigrants. And then cause a clusterfuck of a recession by coming out of the single market with only a half arsed trade deal with Liechtenstein to fall back on.”

Mr Farage has assured supporters that he will of course hang around at the sidelines undermining Mr Nuttall until he is reinstated as UKIP leader.

“I’m just saying what everyone else is thinking. I’m off down the pub to do the pretend to be a normal bloke act, with a pint and a Rothmans King Size. I’m like a breath of fresh air. Smell my finger.” He explained.


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