Fury as St George’s day bank holiday on a Sunday

nuttall st georges day

Prime Minister Theresa May has this morning been accused of subterfuge and deceit following mass realisation that the St George’s day bank holiday has somehow been moved to a Sunday when no-one is at work anyway,

One protester outside the House of Commons said “St George was a foreigner who killed a fictitious dragon in another country and we use this to celebrate all things British. I demand a day off in addition to the one that I’m having at the moment. And another one in lieu of the fact that I’m having to do this on a Sunday.”

An incandescent Paul Nuttall said “St George’s day was changed to a Sunday following a directive from Europe and now we’re out of the EU it needs to be back on a week-day. This is particularly hurtful  to me as I was actually there when St George killed the dragon.

“Personally I don’t care if it’s Sunday. I’m still having a bank holiday. Europe can do one.”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed a plethora of new bank holidays under a Labour Government, mainly designed to piss off retail workers. Arthur Scargill week-end and early closing Wednesday where the shops close early all day have been cited as possibilities.

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