Scientists discover pride of vegan lions

vegan lions

Scientists studying lions in Africa have stumbled upon a tribe of vegan lions that have shunned the normal carnivorous diet associated with their species and instead live solely on fruit and vegetables.

The scientists who were watching the lions initially noticed that they were migrating towards parts of the continent where soya and quorn were most likely to grow naturally.

“They still look fierce and you wouldn’t want to upset one but mealtimes appear now to consist of locally sourced fruit, vegetables and nuts. Whilst they can’t talk, I think most would tell us that they feel better for it.” A spokesman for the group told us.

A spokesman for the vegan society said “This is indisputable proof that anyone can live on a vegan diet irrespective of their physiology. They may just need to eat more spinach and nuts to keep protein levels high. And don’t forget these lions have also shunned any form of dairy produce. It really seems that it’s not just humans turning their backs on a carnivorous diet. We’ve even heard reports of pythons behaving in exactly the same way.”

Though the pride have been associated with the deaths of numerous gazelle and wildebeest in a 40 mile radius, it is believed that this is accidental, due to the animals eating so much grass and leaves that they predominantly smell of vegetation, thus confusing the lions.

Famous vegan singer Morrissey told us that the discovery of non-carniverous lions could be a game changer.

“If they can prove the lions are really vegan I’ll start visiting zoos again.” He told us.


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