Corbyn’s daughter to market own range of fragrances

corbyn fragrancesJeremy Corbyn has today denied any conflict of interest with his position as leader of the opposition and his recent promotion of his daughter’s new range of fragrances which came on the market this week.

“Corbyn” and “Corbyn for Men” which are the brainchild of Mr Corbyn’s eldest daughter Natascha have already outsold many established brand names. However critics claim that this is largely due to Mr Corbyn himself plugging them at rallies and giving out free samples to party members.

“The working classes are struggling more than ever, but that’s no reason not to smell nice.” Mr Corbyn told a recent rally. “And I wouldn’t normally recommend a fragrance by anyone, let alone my own daughter, if it wasn’t really, really, great.”

Corbyn supporters have reacted in fury to suggestions that there is any impropriety in his actions.

“It’s the media. He just points out that something smells nice a few times on TV and to other media sources and the media just blow it all out of proportion. It’s so unfair.” One told us.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr show, Deputy leader Diane Abbott said “You really should buy some.”

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