Nuttall “If we don’t get any seats, I’ll change our name to Pookip”

paul nuttall pookip

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has today vowed to change the party’s name to Pookip if they fail to win any seats at the forthcoming general election.

Speaking to John Humphreys on the today programme Mr Nuttall said “It’s time to up the stakes. Either we get loads of new MPs and force through a hard Brexit or we change our name to Pookip. It’s one or the other.

“We had a referendum and people voted out and that means UKIP should already be in power. The fact that we’re not defies the will of the people. And if people vote for anyone other than UKIP in the general election then the people will be defying the will of the people. That’ll be £350 million a day that we don’t spend on the NHS or anything else we promised. Or I’ll change our name to Pookip.” He added.

One UKIP voter told us “I’m still willing to vote Pookip if it keeps them all out. Oh, is it UKIP? I thought we were called Pookip now.”

Indeed Prime Minister Theresa May said “Many Pookip voters are now joining the Conservatives as we’re strong and stable and just as unpleasant.”

Mr Nuttall has responded angrily saying “We’re not actually called Pookip yet. Stop calling us that now. It was a hypothetical situation.”

Pookip had an MP until recently but now they haven’t.

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