Brexiters celebrate by buying one beer between them in Spain

brits in spain

Some Brexiters on holiday in Spain have celebrated getting their country back by clubbing together for a glass of beer and four straws it has emerged today.

The four friends who booked a holiday of a lifetime in Tossa del Mar said that they were initially dismayed to find out that their spending money was negligible following the post Brexit decline of the pound, but soon realised that they were actually sticking a V sign up at Europe by not having any funds.

“It might be two pounds to the euro but we don’t have to follow any European laws. Instead we can follow laws set by wealthy conservatives who don’t believe in workers rights. And we can’t go elsewhere in Europe to look for a job either. I’ll drink to that. When it’s my turn on the glass.” One reveller told us.

“I’d rather be hanging out of my arse in pounds sterling than subject to EU laws of which I can’t name one. So it’s good we’re having a shit holiday.” Another added.

“It’s one in the eye for the remoaners” Another explained.

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