Trump “Sunny days to blame for devastation too”

trump hurrrican harvey

Nice weather and sunny days must take their share of the blame for devastation across America caused by “many types of weather” according to US president Donald Trump.

Addressing the nation on twitter Mr Trump said “Believe me I’ve looked at the weather closer than you and for longer and there are lots of different weathers to blame for this.”

Mr Trump has courted widespread condemnation from Democrats and Republicans alike after refusing to specifically blame hurricane Harvey for destroying houses, bridges and roads. “No-one wants to blame sunny but clement days with little or no wind and scattered showers. But there’s some bad nice weather out there. It’s the elephant in the room.” He later tweeted.

Making a final address before hurriedly entering his storm-proof bunker at his private residence where it’s thought he will be enjoying a well earned break, Mr Trump said  “The fake news media want to blame all this on 130mph winds. But they have their own agenda.”

Vice President and soon to be President following Mr Trump’s impeachment, Mike Pence has taken a more conventional line regarding the weather.

“Storms are to blame 100% for the weather damage in Texas. Anyone can see that. And anyone can also see that it’s caused by God who is punishing us for political correctness.” He explained.

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