Isle of Wight residents boycott Asda after new bags read “Isle of Shite”

Asda bag mix-up

Isle of Wight residents are threatening to boycott the new Asda superstore after their new bags for life were found to read “Isle of Shite”.

A very contrite spokesman for the supermarket giant said “It’s not ideal to be honest. It’s a simple mistake and anyone could have done it, but these people never forget. Never.

“The best thing we can do is try to woo them back with exotic delights from far off lands beyond their wildest dreams, such as several different types of butter.”

One furious local said “This was supposed to be the most exciting thing that’s happened on the island in my lifetime. And now they’ve ruined it by writing Isle of Shite everywhere. There’s no conclusive evidence it’s even made of faeces.”

Whether Isle of Wight, Isle of Shite or indeed Pile of Shite, this won’t be the first time a large supermarket chain has endured the wrath of  locals. Morrisons found itself the centre of similar controversy having referred to it’s store being in “Britain’s third best Newport”, after Newport in Wales and Newport Pagnell in Buckinghamshire.

“We literally had no-one in for nearly a week. And then suddenly the entire population of the Island turned up at the same time. Because shopping day for Islanders is Tuesday.” One employee confided.

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