Britain First downgraded to Britain Second

Britain Second

Far right pressure group Britain First have been downgraded to Britain Second by credit reference agency Moody’s.

A spokesman for Moody’s who have already downgraded UKIP from a party to a gathering said that Britain First must accept a more diminutive title in line with Britain’s ailing economy and influence.

A disappointed B.S leader Paul Golding told us that in hindsight a group with an irrational preference of one middle eastern religion over an other might actually function more efficiently with Europe.

“It’s basically as a result of Brexit. In cancelling free movement of EU citizens it means that Britain will instead have to arrange trade deals and subsequent free movement of people from emerging economies some of which  have a far higher proportion of Muslims than Europe.  As a result we’ve failed in our mission and might even have to be classified as Britain Third by 2019. All we can hope for is a change of direction and Britain to remain in the EU.”

Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen is thought to be considering her future with Britain second having visited so many Mosques that she accidentally converted to Islam. “I’ve only become Muslim in my spare time. It ultimately won’t affect my ability to perform my day job.” She assured us.


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