Politicians set to be called “facking dinloes” at Portsmouth Question time


Politicians are bracing themselves to be called facking dinloes this evening as the city of Portsmouth gears itself up to host popular BBC show Question Time.

Presenter David Dimbelby told us that the best tonight’s politicians could hope for is to be called Mush repeatedly.

“Filming in Sunderland is one thing but this is a city that despite being a port, only had its first foreign residents in 1993. And they left shortly afterwards. The locals are furious about not everyone supporting Brexit. And then some students turned up for Uni, voted in a Labour MP and then went back to Buckinghamshire for their summer holidays. So they want answers” He explained.

One Portsmouth resident told us that whilst Alex Salmond and Shami Chakrabarti may have to put up with being called dinloes and squinnies, posh Tory leadership hopeful Jacob Rees-Mogg may just be greeted with exclamations of “Weee!”.

“They appear to absolutely in love with him and want to mug him at exactly the same time.” One local source revealed.

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