50 metre fatberg to be used to make world’s largest burger

london giant burger

A 50 metre fatberg recently removed from a London sewer is to be used to cook the world’s biggest burger, London mayor Sadiq Kahn has confirmed today.

It means we’re rid of another fatberg and we put London on the map as the home of the world’s biggest burger.” Mr Kahn told us.

The burger itself will be made from 30 cows and will be fried in the fatberg on what is also thought to be the world’s largest frying pan, suspended over a floating barbecue which covers the width of the Thames close to Tower Bridge.

“It’s recycling at its best, turning a negative into a positive. Obviously no-one can eat the burger due to some of the other ingredients that might in the fatberg. But we’ll get some good pictures though and afterwards the burger and oil will be left to naturally decompose in the Thames, the way nature intended.” Mr Kahn explained.

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas has applauded the move and hinted that her constituency of Brighton may also be attempting a giant fatberg burger. “People have to make a stark choice. Either stop throwing oil and baby wipes into the sewage system or use the resultant fatberg to make an oversized showcase non-edible meat based product in an attempt to get into the Guinness book of records.”

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