Michael Fish caught siphoning off weather for personal use


The list of veteran TV presenters in trouble with the law grew even longer today as weather guru and role model for millions, Michael Fish was  accused of siphoning off the most favourable weather for his own personal use, according to a Guardian exposé today. The controversial climatalogical soothsayer has allegedly been photographed sitting under a single shaft of sunlight in his back garden at number 38 whilst the inclement weather continued unabated at numbers 36 and 40 as well as the rest of Festinger Drive and indeed the UK.

“I couldn’t believe it”, said a neighbour yesterday. “I was getting a proper soaking and that cheeky sod Fish was just sitting there in his sunglasses drinking Pims!”

The arrest is predicted to be the first of many as Police operation Mug Tree aims to uncover a number of high profile meteorologists abusing their positions in charge of the weather for personal gain. Though as yet unconfirmed rumours are circulating on twitter that Britain actually had a summer last year, but it was divided equally between John Ketley, Bill Giles and that other one with the funny mouth. Mr Fish owned up to the scheme after being caught in a sting, attempting to sell off spare ‘sunny intervals’ to an expatriate Saudi outside Bayswater underground station.

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