Tax dodging Moyles pretends to be a car

chris moyles car

One time Radio One DJ Chris Moyles has attempted to avoid over £1 million in tax by pretending to be a 09 plate Ford Focus according to a Customs and Excise tribunal.

Moyles attempted to use a tax avoidance scheme called Working Wheels, which involved him telling HM Revenue & Customs he had spent a year being painted metallic blue with electric windows, ABS and a 1.9 litre turbo diesel engine. He then tried to offset huge costs of servicing himself, changing his tyres and filling himself up with petrol against his tax bill, a tax tribunal judge said.

Moyles apologised on Friday night for entering into the scheme. He said on Twitter he took “full responsibility” and had “learnt a valuable lesson”. He also added that he was “absolutely fucking gutted” that he’d been caught.

“You won’t catch me tax dodging again. Not if I can help it anyway. And if you see me pottering around town at 30mph beeping my hooter I’m purely passing the time in an innocent fashion. There’s no need to go wittering on to the inland revenue.”

Comedian Jimmy Carr has condemned the behaviour of his fellow celebrity.” Beep! Beep! I’m a Morris Oxford.” he told us.

Moyles has assured the public that he will give a sizable percentage of his personal fortune to charity by way of recompense.

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