ISIS Chief’s first video panned by critics

isis video panned

ISIS Chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is said to be working on a new video after his first one released today has been almost universally panned by critics.

Irish record producer and manager of bands such as Westlife and Boyzone, Louis Walsh, told us that the leader of the militant Islamist group would have work to do in order to entertain the masses, after his first offering merely asks Muslims to obey him, without any backing music or choreography.

“I struggled to see the point in it to be honest. He’s clearly a very attractive man but it’s not exactly Chico time. His video had no singing, very little dancing, and clad all in black like that there was a bit of a wardrobe malfunction going on there as well. The trouble with these new acts is that they just want to be famous for the sake of fame. They don’t think they need to nurture any talent.”

However fellow record producer and X-Factor creator Simon Cowell  has gone on record to disassociate himself from Mr Walsh’s views on the matter. “You know I like you. You remind me of a young Demis Roussos. I’d actually like to see you perform his classic song, ‘For ever and ever’, or maybe ‘I think we’re alone now’ by Tiffany. Either way, you’re through to the next round.”

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