Welfare Minister “I’m sorry you caught me being a vile shit”

Lord bastard Freud

Welfare Minister Lord Freud has apologised for being caught out being a vile shit as he gave his true opinions on people with disabilities.

Lord Freud has promised that the views expressed that people with disabilities aren’t worth the minimum wage, were voiced under extenuating circumstances.

“It was a conference fringe event where I was mainly speaking to fellow over-privileged bigoty swivel eyed loons. You lot weren’t supposed to be taking any notice. But you can rest assured I’ve learnt my lesson. From now on I’m going to keep my misinformed judgemental rhetoric regarding disabled people to strictly behind closed doors and places where there aren’t any cameras. Obviously I’m still going to think it even if I don’t say it. And I’m going to keep putting my inhumane views into all Government policies on the matter.” He explained.

Prime Minister David Cameron has come out in support for Lord Freud who he argues has been victim of a smear campaign.”He was clearly taken out of context. He might have said all the words but if you listen to them from a different point of view, transpose them into Chinese and then back again, and then replace the words with some others then I think you’ll find he meant something else.”

Whether mistaken or not, Lord Freud has offered to make amends by any way short of actually resigning and issued the following statement.

“By way of appeasement I will hand back the majority of my Parliamentary salary and instead work for the £2 an hour that I think someone with a disability should earn. Will I fuck.”

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