Germany considers Greece’s proposal to shove their debt up their arse

greek prime minister

Eurozone finance ministers are thought to be seriously considering Greece’s proposal that, rather than discuss a new bail out, they actually take the whole debt and shove it up their arse. The proposal comes following a widely publicised referendum where they Greek people chose rectally depositing their debt as opposed to the other two options of requesting that Germany whistles for it or suggesting that it simply does one.

Speaking from outside an emergency meeting with French President Francois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said “This is completely unacceptable not to mention irresponsible. But it is also strangely arousing. On one hand we Germans are very efficient when it comes to fiscal matters. But on the other we are a little bit kinky.”

A spokesman for Standard and Poors ratings agency said that Greece might be taking a huge risk in terms of getting future credit. “It might seem an agreeable short term solution but 87 billion Euros of debt shoved up Germany’s back passage could in fact have an adverse affect on their future credit scores. And Greece’s. ” He explained.

Germany’s economy minister Sigmar Gabriel has warned against any unconditional bending over in order to take Greece’s debt right between the cheeks, saying it could possibly destroy the single currency.

“We’d have to offer the same to the other member states. It’s completely untenable. Yet slightly arousing.”

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