Lib Dems “You can stick your Brexit up your arse”

Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron has confirmed that the party will be fighting all future elections on the slogan “You can stick your Brexit up your arse”

Germany considers Greece’s proposal to shove their debt up their arse

Eurozone finance ministers are thought to be seriously considering Greece’s proposal that, rather than discuss a new bail out, they actually take the whole debt and shove it up their arse. The proposal comes following a widely publicised referendum where they Greek people chose rectally depositing their debt as opposed to the other two options […]

Miliband to legalise kicking your boss up the arse

A Labour Government will put legislation into place to enable all workers to occasionally kick their boss up the arse without any risk of being fired or incurring criminal charges according to leader Ed Miliband. Speaking on the Marr show the shadow Prime Minister said “We still need to make difficult decisions in terms of […]

Prince Charles “Everyone should stick a crystal up their arse”

Prince Charles has confirmed that on becoming King he will pass a law that everyone must embrace alternative therapies, beginning with inserting a crystal up their arse. Hitting back at “scientists”, who have criticised his unnerving support for alternative therapies, the Prince, also known as the Duke of Woo, said that the conventional medical world […]

“I will stick my finger up your arse” Merkel tells Cameron

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has told David Cameron in no uncertain terms that whether the UK remains in the EU or not she will exercise her right to stick her index finger up his arse, most probably when he least expects it. “Whether Britain leaves the EU or not I have my index finger primed […]

Cee Lo Green pleads with fans to stop shoving things up his arse

Rapper Cee Lo Green has made a heartfelt plea to fans, non fans and the public in general to cease and desist from the recent craze of shoving inanimate objects up his arse. The  rapper best known for singing  ‘crazy’ made the announcement via twitter, facebook and telepathy from his room in a private hospital where […]