Queen to appear on next episode of Who Do You Think You Are

queen who do you think you are

The Queen is set to appear as the guest celebrity on the next episode of popular genealogy documentary Who Do You Think You Are, according to BBC sources.

A spokesman for the Corporation told us that the Queen, who is also rumoured to be filming an episode of Undercover Boss, wasn’t a big fan of history per se, but might be interested if the show’s producers really thought they could track down her late relatives.

“She’s always wondered about her family and what they did for a living. I think she must be a bit nervous about it, but probably very excited as well. She might even be related to someone famous!  It’s a big step in to the unknown”

The move which is widely seen as part of a new transparent monarchy is widely rumoured to be just the first of many forays into reality TV for Her Royal Highness.

A close friend to the Royals told us “She’s up for it like a rat up a drainpipe. She’ll probably start with the great British Bake-off or maybe Celebrity Big Brother. If that goes on well she’ll most likely do some sort of cooking show with Gordon Ramsay

“I for one would pay good money to see Gordon Ramsay flipping his lid because the Queen overcooked his facking linguini.”

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