Snoop Dogg denies any involvement in the Snoopers charter

snoopers charter

Rapper Snoop Dogg has denied any involvement at all in the Government’s proposed Snoopers charter.

Angrily addressing a hastily arranged press conference, Mr Dogg was clearly buckling under the scrutiny when he said “For the Iast time I have not got a damn ting ta do wit dis mothafuckas”

One onlooker said “Well he would say that wouldn’t he.

“Passing the buck again, he must think we’re stupid.

“I mean it’s fucking obvious.”

Home Secretary Theresa May said “Yes, we’re going to be able to access all your porn history and bring it up in a court of law when you try to dispute a parking fine. But it is called the Theresa May charter? No. If you’ve got a problem with it you need to speak to Mr Dogg.”

The news comes as the Government have issued a statement explaining that they are in no way responsible for the actions of MC Tax Credit cuts or DJ Dis mantle da NHS. “You’ll have to speak to them about that” David Cameron told us.

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