Get angry with people on the telly say austerity-mongering millionaire Tory MPs

rees-mogg telly

Multi-millionaire Tory MPs, who claim expenses for second homes, have urged the public to get angry with people on TV.

“We may be the ones owning corporations, inheriting family fortunes and using our second jobs in parliament to make sure disabled people lose their benefits. But some people on the telly earn loads.  Obviously not loads by my standards or any of my friends, but loads in comparison to your silly little incomes.” Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg explained

“Look at your angry little faces. And it’s the people on the telly’s fault. You should get jolly cross with them.” He continued.

Prime Minister Theresa May said “People have blamed us and our austerity policies for wealth inequality and working people having to use food banks. But as you can see it’s all due to a TV station being publicly funded without any adverts and paying the people who work for it. The public won’t stand for it and I urge them to march on Graham Norton until something is done about it.”

Health Secretary Jeremy Fucking Hunt said that the publication of BBC salaries showed that rather than blaming him for the demise of the NHS, people should get angry about Chris Evans or John Humphreys.

“They’re taking money directly out of your pockets and giving it to Jim’ll Fixit.” He warned.

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