Brexiters joy as Britain pays Europe £39 billion that could have gone on NHS

Brexit NHS

Brexiters throughout Britain are celebrating today that Britain could now save £350 million a week to be spent on the NHS by instead paying £39 billion pounds to Europe that could have gone on the NHS.

A triumphant Theresa May said “We were never going to spend that £350 million on the NHS anyway, so the fact that we now aren’t going to spend £39 billion on the NHS doesn’t make any difference. They said I couldn’t do it. Now look at me.”

However what would appear to be bad news for the NHS in terms of lack of funding  may actually become a net profit as approximately 50% of Doctors and nurses return to foreign climes following Brexit, even it is thought, the British ones.

Head Brexiter and EU pension trougher Nigel Farage said “We’ve got our country back. Well an emaciated poverty stricken Daily Mailesque caricature of our country anyway. But it’s all ours. Though in fairness most of our public services are actually owned by France.”

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