Free Tommy Robinson whatever he’s done

Tommy Robinson

Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson should be freed irrespective of any crime he’s committed and any crime he might decide to commit in the future according to a select group of very loud gentlemen.

One angry protester outside Downing Street said “He may have interfered with the court process and thus got the defendants off scot-free at a grooming trial. But that’s not the point. These people are getting off scot-free and Tommy Robinson’s the only one that’s doing something about it.”

“The largely white British establishment are presently going to any lengths to cover up an endemic pedophile ring which Prime Minister Theresa May accidentally lost a massive report on. But as a rule we don’t protest against that. So when Tommy Robinson gets arrested for intimidating the jury in the conviction of an Asian grooming gang inadvertently helping them, nullifying the case and probably causing them to walk free we’re not having it. And we’re going to keep shouting until something is done about it.” He continued.

“And its got absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the football season’s over and not being able to have a fight with someone that supports a different multi-national corporation that has no connection or loyalty to the town where the football team is based.” another protester added.

“I’m confused” another explained.

It’s thought that Tommy Robinson (real name Mohammed Ali Siddiqui) might be in some personal danger in prison, where despite not being at all racist some prisoners might have taken exception to the racist things he’s said even though he’s definitely not racist.

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