Thatcher death overshadowed as Tony Blair tipped to be next Doctor Who

blair thatcher

The News of the death of Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has been over shadowed today by the news that Former Prime Minister and war mongerer Tony Blair has been hotly tipped to be taking over as the next Doctor Who when Matt Smith hangs up his sonic screwdriver in December of this year.

Speaking at a hastily assembled press conference, Mr Blair stated “The new series is losing ratings rapidly. If I was taking on the role of Doctor Who that wouldn’t be the case. I’m still more popular than Gordon Brown. And Matt Smith”

The new role will see a sharp change in direction for the Doctor as he avoids dangerous aliens such as the Daleks and the Cybermen, and instead lands on apparently peaceful planets that have a lot of oil. “They might seem peaceful” Mr Blair has confided “but they would probably have the means to destroy the universe in 45 minutes and so the Doctor will have no choice but to blow up their planet and syphon off all their oil”

The former Premier added  “The Doctor will also realise that he has an obligation to regale his many adventures to the general public through a series of very well paid after dinner speeches. He will also use his wealth of knowledge to sit on the board of a wide range of Publicly listed companies. It’ll be a nail biter”.

One parliamentary insider told us “Honestly I think he could have picked a better time to announce this”.

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