Boss actually sticks employee’s job up his arse

boss sticks job

Stoke Mandeville hospital situated right in the heart of extra toe country, is quite used to its fair share of unusual injuries. But staff at accident and emergency were rather taken aback this morning, by the arrival of a local office manager Mike ‘Ted’ Rogers with a full time administrative job inserted firmly into his rectum.

A grimacing Mr Rogers told us “I like to take a consultative management approach in order to drive the business forward. Staff like to feel that they are being listened to, so when one of my employees told me to take my job and shove it right up my anus, I thought I’d better do just that.”

Doctors struggled over a 3 hour operation to remove the position, which includes a 40 hour week, free uniform, flexi-time and a stakeholder pension. “There might be the odd team building day or morning meeting still in there,” we were told, “but basically he’s free to poo again.”

A spokesman for the hospital issued a further statement. “The advice we would give to the general public is to avoid sticking anything up your arse, even if you are told to by someone else. It’s probably quite innocent, but that person may not have your best interests at heart.”

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