Noel Edmonds in hiding as public find out there isn’t a system for Deal or no Deal


Noel Edmonds is said to be in hiding today as the news that there actually isn’t any sort of system for winning his hit game show Deal or No Deal has gone viral.

One previous contestant told us his shock at finding his whole ordeal of appearing on prime time television was in fact a load of bollocks. “I can’t believe Edmonds  just stood there grinning and pretending to phone a banker whilst I went through all my lucky numbers, date of birth and the day I got my first dog. Not only did several viewers use this information to steal my identity, I then find out that I’d have been better off just asking Edmonds to give me a random amount of money.”

One viewer said “I’ve watched over 500 hours of Deal or No Deal, each time repeatedly shouting the number 11 at the screen. That’s because my house number is 11. Now I find out my address hasn’t even got anything to do with it. I’ll never get those hours back.”

“There’s no skill in it whatsoever. You basically just pick a box.”



  1. Deal or no deal – I would rather watch paint dry – it would be much more exciting!

  2. I nominated you for a Sunshine Award!

    You can find the details here:

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