Babies face car smoking ban

babies smoking

Babies and young children are set to face a ban on smoking whilst in cars depending on the results of today’s House of Commons vote in a move that has divided politicians and motorists alike.

One motorist we spoke to told us “It’s absolutely ridiculous. My 18 month old has no concept of the dangers of smoking, so if we tell her that she can’t spark up she’ll just think we are being mean. Furthermore if she carries on smoking after a police warning she could find herself with a criminal record that would cause her problems later in life.”

Another driver doing the school run this morning explained  “I’m in the front of the car, they’re in the back. How am I meant to know what they’re getting up to? It’s not my responsibility. They might well be smoking but they all do these days don’t they?”

Not all motorists have come out in opposition of the potential ban as one explained “I’ve just given up smoking after 30 years and now I’ve given up I expect to live indefinitely. However if my child decides to spark one up, a single cubic millimetre of passive smoke could suffocate me and probably accelerate global warming. ”

Another motorist told us “I hope the bill goes through. I’m sick of my children nagging me to buy them fags. This will force them to cut down a bit.”

Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Lib Dems Nick Clegg told a press conference this morning “I’ll support whatever policy stops people hating me so much. But it’s certainly a hot potato.”

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