Axing BBC3 means people won’t be able to watch that thing

bbcthreeThe BBC are facing mass public outrage, though not as mass as when 6 music was threatened with the chop, as the planned demise of BBC3 may mean that people won’t be able to watch that thing.

One frustrated viewer told us “You know that thing with so and so in it. I never got round to watching it but I saw it advertised. You know the one. I think it was on BBC3 anyway. Or UK Living. Do they still have that. It might have been Live TV.”

Another took time out from talking about something else to explain “It’s madness. I never watched it myself but axing it will mean there will be a BBC1, BBC2 and BBC4 but no BBC 3. They need to get rid of BBC4 or BBC1 instead, otherwise people will think there’s something wrong with their television, or their counting.”

The move is said to have angered fans of My big fat hairy scientologist wedding, lady bollocks and another programme they have on before family guy.

A spokesman for the BBC explained that any public disappointment might be short lived “It was never on in the day time anyway so anyone sad about its demise are only going to be sad in the evenings. Comedy is overrated, people are just going to have to watch serious stuff on BBC4 and  laugh at things that aren’t funny, like welsh people do.”

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