BNP youth release cover of Pass the dutchie pon the left hand side

bnp youth

Teen heart throbs the BNP Youth are looking to capitalise on their new found fame by releasing a series of cover versions of British number one hit singles, starting with “Pass the dutchie pon the left hand side” by Musical Youth, a band with a very similar name.

Looking very serious when they spoke to us, one of the ones with googly eyes explained.”With all these immigrants coming in music has gone foreign. So we’ll be reminding proper British people of our our rich musical heritage. As well as pass the dutchie we’re going to be singing rock down to electric avenue, by the rivers of babylon and I shot the sheriff. ”

Anyone expecting the outfit, widely tipped as the new Rizzle Kicks or So Solid Crew, to fall flat on their faces may be in for a surprise. “We’ve had that Seal and his mate Mark Morrison mentoring us over the phone. Nick Griffin’s going to be so proud of us.”

They group have already had an embarrassing start however when they appeared on a chat show without having had prepared any music. One member of the studio audience said “They just danced in time to the music and they hadn’t even prepared a dance routine. Luckily they were immaculately turned out and managed to just about get away with it thanks to their good looks.”

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