Britain in shock as foreign countries use weapons we sold them

arms trade

The British Government is said to be “shocked, outraged, appalled” at revelations arising today that many of the countries we sell weapons of mass destruction may well end up using them.

Speaking at a hastily assembled press conference Prime Minister David Cameron said “We’re shocked, outraged and appalled. We have a strict policy of not selling arms to certain countries that we think are going to use them. Instead we sell them to different countries that are obviously going to use them. And then we can get them to sell our arms onto the countries that we don’t sell them to directly. And that’s what makes Britain great.

“Its absolutely outrageous that we sell missiles that can destroy an entire town in good faith only to find out it’s been used to destroy an entire town. In such a case we might have to stop selling arms to that country. Well not actually stop but huff and puff and get hot under the collar for a bit.

“Of course we ultimately want to sell more weapons so we need countries to use them. But we don’t want them to “use” them. I think that sets the record straight. Cluster bomb anyone?”

In other news Britain is again under the spotlight for exporting cheese which foreign citizens have been buying and then eating. A spokesman for the cheese industry told us “We’re shocked, outraged and appalled”


  1. What does Cameron think arms are bought for?

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