Cameron set to nearly criticise Israel

Prime Minister David Cameron is likely to very nearly, almost, verging on it but then again not quite, criticise the government of  Israel later on today according to political sources. Following the dramatic exit of Baroness Warsi from the cabinet it’s thought that the Premier will finally bite the bullet and mumble something incoherently into […]

Britain in shock as foreign countries use weapons we sold them

The British Government is said to be “shocked, outraged, appalled” at revelations arising today that many of the countries we sell weapons of mass destruction may well end up using them. Speaking at a hastily assembled press conference Prime Minister David Cameron said “We’re shocked, outraged and appalled. We have a strict policy of not […]

Iran nuclear deal all thanks to Doctor Who

Knock Knock. Who’s there? Well actually he wasn’t. But in many respects he was, as it took Doctor Who played by Hurt, Tennant and Smith to finally convince the world that Iran should really have nuclear power. An insider from the talks in Geneva explained “It was quite clear that no-one really had their heart […]