Iran nuclear deal all thanks to Doctor Who

geneva agreement doctor who

Knock Knock. Who’s there? Well actually he wasn’t. But in many respects he was, as it took Doctor Who played by Hurt, Tennant and Smith to finally convince the world that Iran should really have nuclear power.

An insider from the talks in Geneva explained “It was quite clear that no-one really had their heart in the talks as everyone knew that the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who was going to be on in a couple of hours. It became clear that if they came to a decision about this nuclear malarky quickly then they could all sit down and watch it. Everyone loves Doctor Who. Not least the Iranians. In fact in Iran it is illegal not to like Doctor Who. Hooray for Doctor Who.”

However Israel have voiced their discontent over the agreement. “The whole thing is ridiculous. Everyone is obsessed with this ridiculous series. The Doctor is supposed to have 13 regenerations but there are 14 if you count Peter Cushing. Everyone conveniently forgets about this so we are vehemently opposed to the agreement.”

Foreign Secretary William Hague said “It was a moving experience sitting down to watch it together. I laughed. I cried. At different times I both wet and soiled myself. And we reached an agreement. But don’t thank me. Thank Doctor Who.”

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