Cameron set to nearly criticise Israel

cameron warsi

Prime Minister David Cameron is likely to very nearly, almost, verging on it but then again not quite, criticise the government of  Israel later on today according to political sources.

Following the dramatic exit of Baroness Warsi from the cabinet it’s thought that the Premier will finally bite the bullet and mumble something incoherently into a microphone that could possibly be seen as a condemnation of Israel’s activities in Gaza but will prove under scrutiny to be nothing of the sort.

One parliamentary insider told us “He’s gearing up to almost, but not quite say something or other. He knows it’s time to step up to the mark and he’s going to step up to the mark with a plethora of non-committal flannel.”

Chancellor George Osborne has reportedly described Baroness Warsi’s exit as ‘disappointing’, ‘unneccessary’ and a ‘dogs arse of a fucking public relations disaster’.

“Our position is crystal clear. We’re absolutely opposed to a number of different things and points of view on both sides yet neither side and it’s all got to stop or start and we’ll have no choice but to nearly stop selling arms to everyone. And we’re not going to move from that stance. Is that ok? Do we still get our party donations?”

Mr Cameron’s announcement is expected later on today or certainly tomorrow morning at the latest. Or maybe the day after. But certainly before the end of the week. Or next week.

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