Chilcott to take well earned break from enquiry


Sir John Chilcott is planning to take a year off from the enquiry he is heading into the Iraq war, according to sources close to the laid back investigator.  Having started it in 2009, Sir John has reportedly been considering widening his CV by perhaps going to work on a kibbutz or perhaps a ranch in Australia.

Chilcott himself told us “I’ve been at for 6 years. Pacing around, waiting for people to write back to me, putting things off a bit, it’s hard work. And to be quite honest, I’m not sure if I’m feeling it. I need to get in the right space for me and learn to love myself. I think it’s time to go travelling.”

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair was full of support for Sir John’s gap year, pointing out that after six years it will only be like working from Monday through to Saturday and taking Sunday off.

“If he doesn’t go travelling now he’ll only regret it. There’s more to life than work and silly reports, he might wake up one morning and realise that its too late. That’s why I’ve paid for all his flights and given him my credit card to cover his expenses. And I’ve booked him into some great back packers hostels in Pyongyang, Kabul and several resorts along the Iraq/Syria border. He might not even want to come back.”

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