Sweep to enter Celebrity Big Brother


Big Brother producers Endemol have confirmed that former childrens’ entertainer Sweep will be adding his name to the Glitterati who have already entered the Big Brother house.

A spokesman for Endemol told us that the famous squeaky dog would be likely to enter the house tonight or tomorrow night or the night after that at the latest.

“But it’ll be worth the wait. He’s a fucking heavyweight in terms of celebrity credentials. I mean who hasn’t heard of Sweep? The other house mates are going to find this quite intimidating.”

However, according to inside sources from the Sooty show,  any feelings of inadequateness amongst the other house mates would most likely be replaced by anger and probably violence after having to share a house with him for any length of time.

“There is a reason that the other Sooty show co-stars refused to share a room with him on tour.

“He’s just going to sit there taking the piss out of everyone by mimicking everything they’ve just said in his squeaky voice. He’s been known to do this for days, weeks on end. And probably without any sleep, due to the arsenal of drugs that he’ll smuggle in with him, only to deny all knowledge of and blame it on Daniella Westbrook if he gets caught.”

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