Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron’s mother “Just rumours”

corbyn and cameron's mother

Suggestions of any relationship between Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron’s mother have been dismissed by all sides today as nothing but rumours and tittle tattle.

One parliamentary source told us “They may both be making a stand against the Conservative Government’s vicious cuts, but anyone saying that they are even just good friends, let alone having a full blown relationship is just being opportunistic and fuelling groundless gossip. Though you could imagine if they were protesting against the cuts together and after a long day decided to go for a quick drink and maybe a bite to eat, one thing could end up leading to another.

“Even if it were true I don’t think Mr Cameron would be expected to call Mr Corbyn Dad. Probably just Uncle Jeremy.

“I would imagine it’s going to make Christmas difficult. It could well be the reason that David’s resigning as Prime Minister.

“There’s no grounding for this at all but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.”

Both Mr Corbyn and Mr Cameron have reportedly been tight lipped regarding the situation.

“And that speaks volumes” our source told us.

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