Trump “Pope should stick to being a Muslim”

trump pope muslim

The Pope should stick to being a Muslim and stop criticising megalomaniac gun toting Christians, according to goose stepping presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Responding to the Pope’s argument that building a huge wall between USA and Mexico might be divisive and even unchristian, Mr Trump said he was not prepared to have his religion criticised by Muslims, particularly ones from South America. And the Pope should stick to visiting Mosques and facing Mecca.

“I don’t go around telling Muslims what to do, apart from demonising them and trying to restrict their travel, so that Pope should stop criticising my Christianity. It’s a religion he knows absolutely nothing about.” He explained.

Mr Trump has responded angrily to critics who claim that the Pope actually leans more towards the Christian religion.

“If he’s Christian then where’s his gun?”  He demanded.

“Of course he’s a Muslim. He doesn’t even come from America. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Vatican, you do the math. Everyone’s thinking it. I’m the only one who’s got the balls to say it.”

Mr Trump is widely known for his strict adherence to the teachings of the bible. Apart from the bit about being humble and virtually all the ten commandments.

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