Trump to just build half a wall

Donald Trump will most likely build just half a wall on the US Mexico border instead of a whole one according to sources close to the President elect.

Trump to give USA back to Native Americans, move to Mexico and pay for a wall

Donald Trump has vowed to return the USA back to native Americans, exile anyone not descended from original inhabitants, including himself, and move to Mexico where he will stop any future epidemics of mass migration such as the one that started in 1607 by Europeans, by building a wall which he himself would be paying for.

Trump “Pope should stick to being a Muslim”

The Pope should stick to being a Muslim and stop criticising megalomaniac gun toting Christians, according to goose stepping presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Responding to the Pope’s argument that building a huge wall between USA and Mexico might be divisive and even unchristian, Mr Trump said he was not prepared to have his religion criticised […]

People not going on holiday celebrate flight delays

People not going on holiday throughout the UK have been celebrating the welcome news that due to unprecedented flight delays, people who are going on holiday aren’t going on holiday either. Many non holiday makers have been celebrating in airport bars in order to see people not being able to go on holiday first hand. […]